My Thoughts



Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how I’m going to sum up 22+ years of life at the ECHO NEWSPAPER here in this column. I toyed with listing all the employees (I truly appreciated each and everyone of you), and then of course there are all the regular ad placers that I’ve gotten to know on a first name basis (Zena & Hawk). But the true stars of this little publication have been the MANY LOYAL ADVERTISERS. You are what have kept this paper going year in and year out. Sadly, some no longer exist (remember George’s Bed Barn on the Guide) but many continue to thrive. To that end I would like to acknowledge a few of my favorites: Whatcom/Skagit Housing, Z-Recyclers, Hardware Sales, Brian Lydiard/Edward Jones, Dewey Griffin Subaru, Keith Cook, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Beacon Battery & Tires, Tom Fillion, 2020 Solutions and most especially Pepper Sisters – which has the distinction of having an ad in EVERY SINGLE ISSUE that we put out. I promise that as soon as restaurants reopen, the ECHO team will be down to raise a glass of sangria and toast to a good run.

I also promised a reader that I would include a current picture of myself. I have always hesitated to update this photo (circa Summer 1994) claiming it was “not a good picture day”. But the reality was, as time went on – I simply preferred to go under the radar. When I started this paper I was relatively new to the area, a new mother, and a first time publisher. You’ve followed the adventures of my family - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope you have found “My Thoughts” both informative and entertaining. Who knows – maybe I’ll cull a bunch of these old columns into a book someday?

No, the ECHO did not make me a big pile of cash, instead it afforded me something priceless – the opportunity to meet fascinating local business owners and people throughout years, many of whom became close friends. So – NO REGRETS! It is my sincere hope that you will continue to follow us at www.echoads.com where you will still be able to post free classifieds and follow the “My Thoughts” column. I hope the year ahead is one filled with new adventures, unexpected connections and happy times with family and friends. Thank you again for your loyal readership.

And a final thanks to Marla Tyree, our graphic designer – I couldn’t have done it without you!

P.S. Happy 90th Birthday to my dad Gerry Stewart (December 25, 1930) It’s been a memorable year to be sure. Looking forward to our ZOOM call on Christmas Day, AND in person hugs in 2021. Love you!

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Tami Johnson