My Thoughts

“What is the world coming to?”
As horrific as the images and stories from the Las Vegas shooting were, I think the saddest thing was that it wasn’t shocking. Just another mass killing of innocent lives by a lunatic. It’s almost as if we’ve become numb to the whole idea.
I understand our constitutional right to bear arms – but amassing an arsenal of semi automatic weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition is simply wrong and completely unnecessary. Some call it the cost of freedom – I call it a heinous tragedy. And it simply has to stop.

There are those who believe ignorance is bliss, and simply choose to tune out the media all together, going about their lives with blinders on. But, I like to scan the headlines and try to keep on top of current events. I’m sure many would argue that the source of such stories is suspect and impartial. But I tune in anyway and in the process stumble across some pretty interesting stories and shows.

With two teenagers in the house I don’t get too much screen time – and they roll their eyes every time I ask them to turn on Jeopardy. But this week - as we tried to avoid the “real” news – I found some real gems and I highly recommend you tune in: This is Us (best if you watch season one first), The Voice (I’m going to go out on a limb and vote for Devon to make the finals), and a brand new series called “The Good Doctor” about an autistic surgeon (his direct questions toward both patients and hospital superiors is both unnerving and insightful – and the autistic behavioral nuances are spot on).

My dad (87 years young) decided to take a 2-week road trip (solo and without a cell phone) through the Rockies and then crisscross the prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan, visiting his OLD friends and his stomping grounds. Glad to report he’s had a wonderful adventure (including a breakdown – but all good adventures usually do) and will be home this weekend. The scenery I’m sure was breath taking – but it will be the stories of the people he met along the way that he will treasure most. My advice – if you have the time and the means – Go for it!


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Tami Johnson